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2008 Toyota RAV4

  • 2008 Toyota RAV4

    Toyota RAV4
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    • Technician noted vehicle does not start, performed multipoint visual inspection, checked fluids, Belt, Battery condition and charging system, tire pressure , A/C, heating system, brakes and oil. Our technician diagnosed the engine will not turn oover when cranking. proceeded to turn the engine manually from the crank pulley but still the engine will not turn over. He determined the engine is CEASED. With the customer's approval, our technician ordered THE USED ENGINE, REMOVED WHEELS, ALL CONNECTIVITY AND COMPONENTS and prepared the vehicle for the engine swap. During component removal, the technician had to drop both engine and transmission from the bottom and had to remove the OIL PAN from the transmission and engine but since the engine was ceased and two of the pistones were broken, he could not turn the engine, and had to seperate the engine from the transmission and that needed more LABOR TIME that we had to notify the custome and get her approval. Also since the pistons were broken, the IGNITION COILS& the SPARK PLUGS were wet with oil and contaminated so we had to notify the customer at the same time for additional parts. So he finally separated the components and removed the engine and transmission from the vehicle. The technician swapped the engine and replaced the transmission, closed up all components and connectivity, checked for basic safety, added new oil and filter, added coolant, turn the engine on, waited for thermostat to kick in, checked and cleared any codes by connecting to scanner. The vehicle had very little Freon for a/c so he had to charge the a/c Freon. He then test drove the vehicle, there seems to be an issue with the tire pressure sensors, he checked and adjusted the air but still the light is on, and the vehicle needs 4 new tires.
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